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 Posted: Fri Sep 21st, 2018 10:05 pm
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I'm gathering info for my V8 swap. I want more than just a V8. I also like many others want it to appear factory installed. I also want to run 33inch tires. It's a 4x4 V6 SOHC auto currently. I love the sound of superchargers. I considered adding the moddbox kit to the V6 but I think the V8 swap gives me a lot more options. I want it to be realy quick from a dig and fast enough to still accelerate from freeway speeds. I'm not trying to go street outlaw but I want it to be fun like my old mopars were. They were geared 3:91 and 4:10. They would pin you to the seat till I let off the gas. I also want it to run pump gas.

I thinking 4:56 or 4:88 gearing will work for the 33 inch tires? 

Will I be able to accomplish this with a m90 0r m112 Eaton s/c on a properly upgraded Windsor and not need to tear the engine down frequently? Forged pistons of course. I was hoping there was a kit because mustang's have been modding 5.0L for years. Also what other considerations should be addressed?


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