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 Posted: Wed Mar 20th, 2019 09:22 pm
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built, not bought

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the hubcaps were off a 76 F150 4x4 "explorer" package. the guy that bought that truck new i worked with years ago, one of the first things he did was take off the stock wheels and put on 15x10 white spokes with 31.1150s. the stock rims/hubcaps were put up in a barn and didn see the light of day until i got them. (i have the rims too, but i doubt i'll ever use them. im not sure if i'll do much more with paint on this. ive considered a single silver stripe the width of the hood badge but that just seems wrong for a "racing stripe" on a truck. i kind of like the way it is now. my thoughts behind the silver on front fender coming to a point was inspired by the starsky & hutch torino. i know its far from that, but that was my thinking with it. id almost get another set of steel wheels so i could run the hubcaps year round. my other rims i have for this truck are stock-style deer-paws and a set of styled steel wheels from a jeep wrangler. i also have a set of 15x8 black "D" window wheels i had on my '93 4x4, but they just dont "fit" the theme of this build. maybe some white spokes? thats about all they had back in the 70s that i can recall seeing (if they didnt just run stock rims) 'glass caps were white then too, thats why i went with white on this one. it was a grey originally. wow- 66 bucks for a hood badge? and probly plastic at that, i paid 15 or 20 i think.

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