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 Posted: Thu Jun 27th, 2019 09:18 pm
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im kind of thinking about a "trailer special" emblem now. not sure that i will, they are kind of expensive. I still havent got a set of white spokes for summer, tried the factory alloys and they just dont look right. these dont look bad, they are from a 01 jeep wrangler. finnally did the hood too, only bad thing is the dark blue i was using from rustoluem has been discontinued. i do like this metallic cobalt blue better but dont really want to repaint the rest of the truck. painted the grille silver too. also on the hood i used the lighter "ford blue" as accents in the factory indentations on either side. (theres a word for those but i cant recall it) thats the same lighter blue as the tailgate letters. the darker blue along side the silver and lighter blue is the factory color, almost looks black instead of dark blue. i thought about doing a design like the explorer package stripes, but theres so many variations so i just did what i thought would look good. sure is a improement at least from how it was.

hood stripe by anon omus, on Flickr

by anon omus, on FlicUntitled by anon omus, on Flickr

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