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 Posted: Thu Jul 4th, 2019 07:11 am
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I was just stating what it says in big bold letters on RoughCountry's own page for this specific lift:

Notes - Important

  • 17in or larger wheels are REQUIRED
  • Does NOT fit 11.25" rotors found on some 98-03 models
  • Models with 11.25" rotors must upgrade to 12.1" rotors
  • 98-99 models equipped with pulse vacuum hub (PVH) port routed through the knuckle will need to be converted to manual hubs.
  • An upgraded drive shaft is HIGHLY recommended, such as #5089.1
  • A torsion bar tool is required for installation, such as #1067
  • Specialty tools may be required for models equipped with vacuum operated hubs. (see instructions)

Also in the reviews someone talks about needing the 12 inch rotors (If it's a real review) and on the bottom in the Q&A section they answer that the 17 inch wheel is to clear the knuckle.

IF all that is just to sell us brakes and wheels on top of the lift, well that would say a lot about RC...

On 12deg North it says 285/70r17 is recommended.

It'd be great if you were right of course but this is what I'm trying to confirm.

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